Welding and Coating Inspections


ACS can help ensure the reliability and integrity of welds through our non -destructive testing (NDT) services. Our vast expertise and knowledge in NDT and materials testing means we can select the right techniques and procedures to detect defects and irregularities in your welds.

Welding Inspection

Welding inspection can be by visual inspection or with the use of non – destructive testing. The welding inspector will interpret the results of non-destructive testing in accordance with the applicable codes and give recommendations. They are either AWS or CWSIP certified welding inspectors.

Coating inspection

No matter how good the coating but without proper surface preparation and correct application it will not last its design life. Eighty (80) percent of coating failure is due to improper surface preparation and coating application.

Our coating inspector will help ensure that the technical specification for surface preparation and coating application are followed. The inspection and test plan are strictly implemented.


  • Welding procedure Qualification
  • Welder’s Performance Qualification Test
  • Visual and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Provision of Welding Inspector
  • Surface Preparation
  • Before and During Paint Application
  • Wet & Dry Film Thickness Measurement
  • Surveillance/Audit of painting Sub-Contractor